If your website is down, please follow these instructions to help troubleshoot the cause.

Is my site down just for me, or everybody?
Sometimes an IP address is blocked by our security system, preventing access to the website from that IP address. For example if an incorrect password was used to access FTP , Email, cPanel or other sections of your web server, the security system blocks that user IP. to find out if its just you that can not see your website, or if it’s everybody, you can use this tool:
Down For Everyone. If it’s just you, contact support and ask why your IP was blocked, and to request to have it unblocked. If the site is down for everybody, move on to the next step.

Has your domain name expired?
You can check your domain name status via this website: www.whois.net if the status is “ok” then move on to the next step, if status is not “ok”, contact your domain registrar and seek instruction on how to renew your domain name.

Could it be the web server?
Now we have determined that your IP is not blocked and your domain name is ok, it would appear this could be a server related issue. Log into your client area and submit a Technical Support Ticket and please mark it as urgent. One of our ninja hosting support techs will attend to this immediately.

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