What is Cache?

A web cache (or HTTP cache) is an information technology for the temporary storage (caching) of web documents, such as HTML pages and images, to reduce bandwidth usage, server load, and perceived lag. Using caching on your website will improve your page load times as well as reduce bandwidth usage on your hosting account.

Enabling Cache in Magento

Magento site speed is an important part of having an eCommerce store. Enabling cache is a major part of Magento speed optimization. Not only is it important from the customer buying perspective but it also part of Googles SEO algorithm.

To enable your magento cache log into your store admin

once logged in for to System >>> Cache Management

enabling cache

Ensure you cache is enabled


If not enabled click enable and submit. This may take a few moments so please be patient.

If all caches do not enable please contact your developer to ensure there is no issue.

If you are using external caching such as cloud please ask your developer before enabling cache in Magento, cache may be turned off for a specific reason.


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