Indexing with Magento can be done in two ways, through Magento admin or through SSH. Indexing is how Magento transforms data such as products, categories. This can improve the performance of your web store.

To Index through Shell you will need a program such as Putty, and all necessary details to connect.

Indexing with magento

Indexing with Magento via SSH (Shell)

Magento sometimes require re-indexing to be ran from SSH (shell).
This can be due to having a large SKU.

php ./shell/indexer.php -reindex catalog_product_attribute
php ./shell/indexer.php -reindex catalogsearch_fulltext
php ./shell/indexer.php -reindex catalog_category_flat
php ./shell/indexer.php -reindex cataloginventory_stock
php ./shell/indexer.php -reindex catalog_category_product
php ./shell/indexer.php -reindex catalog_product_price
php ./shell/indexer.php -reindex tag_summary
php ./shell/indexer.php -reindex catalog_url

Also, it is useful to note the help screen that is accessable via SSH using the command:

php ./shell/indexer.php -help


php ./shell/indexer.php -reindexall

Which will re-index all of the available indexes, and finally:

php ./shell/indexer.php -info

Which will give you a list of all the available indexes in the Magento system.


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