Slow Website

Slow website and performance of a website is a huge topic these days. The big companies of the World Wide Web are obsessed with it. For the Googles, Yahoos, Amazons and eBays, slow websites mean fewer visitors and unhappy site users which translates to low sale conversions, less revenue and poor reputation.

It’s not just about the big names, every online store should be doing what they can to improve their customers online shopping experience, and that starts with page speed.

Speeding up your site creates synergy between your website application, the web server and your customers user experience.

There are numerous reasons why your website may be slow these include:

Sometimes your website could load slowly because your network connection is slow or intermittent. Below are some ways to test your network connection. Proxy servers load your site from a third-party location and usually bypass local network problems. View you website through a proxy server, if you website loads fine than it is a slow connection and you will need to contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Heavy/Large image load
Linked assets
Third-party plugins
Excessive transitions/animations
Excessive interactions
Embedded content

Please visit Speed My site. This will run your site through a speed test allowing you to see what is causing the slowness.


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