Magento Soft 2 Print

Soft2Print provides a complete online administration backend solution for both integration’s of Soft2print with Magento, one of the most popular Open source ecommerce platforms used today and other web shops and suppliers. The backend enables the web shop owner to setup their own templates, art and inventory, as well as track their orders through to fulfillment. To produce a complete webshop solution, a seamless integration to an e-commerce platform is required.  Nerdster, based in Sydney Australia have completed several integration’s of Soft2print on Magento, one of the most popular Open source ecommerce platforms used today. They offer a range of options from the supply of the integration code as an extension/module, to installation services or a complete customized, integrated website solution.

See below for a brief overview of the options available from Nerdster when requiring an interface between Soft2print and Magento.

Option 1
Extension Code Supplied
Supply of extension code and instructions for clients own developer to install.

Option 2
Default Magento Install with Soft2print integration
Magento installed on server with soft2print integration completed, ready for customization. (Default Template used).

Option 3
Soft2Print Upgrade to Existing Magento
Extension supplied and installed by Nerdster to an existing Magento site.

Option 4
Complete Custom Website
Custom designed website including Soft2print integration to Magento.

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